This page will give you more information on some special ingredients that are used in the recipes, and where to get them.


TC MULTI-BAKING MIX: Made by Taste Connections that can be used in various recipes such as cookies, pancakes, tortillas etc.

TC BREAD MIX: Made by Taste Connections that can be used in various bread or other yeast leavened recipes such as bread, pizzas, rolls, pretzels, bagels etc.



Companies mentioned in the sources list sell pasta in different shapes and flavors. The packages usually give the protein value of the pasta. They are low in protein compared to regular pasta sold in supermarkets and other places. You can use any kind of low protein pasta in the recipes in this web site.




Imitation Rice sold by Dietary Specialties is used in many of the recipes in this website.

Cambrooke foods have a low-protein rice that can be used in puddings, risotto recipes (especially with their chicken flavor)




TACO SEASONING: Available in supermarkets this is a seasoning mix that adds a Mexican flavor to the dishes. It has a mixture of chili powder, dried onion, garlic etc. that gives a unique flavor blend. Add a pinch or more to the dishes for flavoring.


SALT: It enhances the flavor and taste of our food. It is a personal taste how much of it is added. If you are on salt restricted diet use fresh herbs or spices to enhance the flavor and taste in order to reduce the amount of salt used in the recipes.


WHOLE CUMIN: The seed has a very pungent and aromatic flavor and is used in curries or in Mexican and other spicy dishes. It is also sold in powdered form which should be fresh, since like other spices, grinding makes it lose the flavor quickly. It tends to dominate the dishes it is added to, so use it according to taste. Substitution changes the flavor of the dish altogether. Available in Indian grocers (under the name jeera), or in supermarkets.


GROUND TURMERIC POWDER: This is mainly used to give color to the dishes, though too much will give a raw earthy flavor to the dish. It is also a dye and will color your clothes if you are not very careful. It is used in place of saffron( more expensive than turmeric) in some dishes. Available in Indian grocers (under the name Haldi), or in supermarkets.


RED CHILI POWDER: The strength of heat in chili powder depends on the variety of chilies from which it was made. It is used in almost all the Indian curries, in Mexican, South-Western and other recipes that call for hot spiciness. Available in Indian grocers, or in supermarkets. It should not be confused with paprika which is the powder of sweet peppers.


ANISEEDS: Also called as Fennel seed, this spice is used either whole or ground in recipes to give a liquorish flavor to the dish. It also imparts a mild sweet taste. It is available in supermarkets or in Indian grocers (under the name saunf).


THYME: One of the main flavorings that is used in innumerable recipes. Lemon thyme, orange thyme, English thyme are a few of the different varieties of this herb. It is a very aromatic herb and retains its flavor while dried.


CANOLA OR OTHER VEGETABLE OIL: I have used Canola oil in most of my recipes since it doesn’t add any extra flavor to the recipes. It has the least amount of saturated fat and also has higher smoking point and hence can be used in frying. Available in supermarkets.




JALAPENO PEPPERS : Belonging to the pepper family it adds spicy zing to any dish. It varies in heat and hence one needs to be careful in adding them. Wear a glove while handling the hot peppers or wash your hands with soap and water immediately after handling them. This kind of hot peppers originated from Mexico. Available in supermarkets.


CHAYOTE SQUASH: Belonging to the squash family, it can be used in place of zucchini. It is also called Chow-Chow, Christophane, or Mirliton. Naturally low in protein, it can be used instead of zucchini in the “Mock Refried beans – Combo Burrito” recipe.





ENER-G® LOW PROTEIN MOZZARELLA CHEESE: It is used in my recipes that call for cheese. It doesn’t have high protein value as regular cheese and hence I have used it in the recipes. It doesn’t melt when heated, and retains the grated shape even after cooking. It adds the cheese flavor to the recipes. It can be also used cubed. Available through Ener-G Foods.

CAMBROOKE FOODS CHEESE PRODUCTS: A whole range of cheese products varying from shredded to slices to even spreads (really great products) to give that extra special taste and flavor to your everyday meal.


LIQUID LECITHIN: I buy mine from Wholefoods Store (distributed by the company – Fearn Natural Foods, Division of Modern Products. Inc., Mequon, WI 53092). It is very viscous like honey. So before you measure lecithin, spray the measuring spoon with oil and then measure it. The oil eases the lecithin to slide off the spoon.



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