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Dr. Richard Koch 

Professor of Clinical Pediatrics 

USC School of Medicine 

Los Angeles, California 


Honorary member of the Staff

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles 

Los Angeles, California

The driving force behind ' share the recipes with everybody' attitude. Without whom my son wouldn't be where he is now. 

Nutrition Support Protocols,

The Ross Metabolic Formula System

Ross Laboratories

Columbus, Ohio 1993

Reference in writing the introduction (about the metabolic disorders like PKU)  in the "About..." page

Kathryn Moseley  MS,

Metabolic Nutritionist 

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

Helped in checking the nutrient values in the recipes

USDA Nutrient Database SR-16 Nutrient Information.
Bowes and Church's - Food Values of Portions Commonly Used by Jean A. T. Pennington Nutrient Information