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I have used Special Dietary products from various sources to make these recipes. I have itemized the companies here.





 Started by me in 2003. Started with two mixes -TC  Bread mix and TC- Multi-baking mix. Bread mix - to make bread, rolls, pizza crust, pretzels etc. Multi-baking mix - to make tortillas, cakes, pancakes, cookies etc. 

The company is committed to providing best quality low-protein products at lowest possible price .

In the near future, the company will be adding several new low-protein products for customer's convenience.

Mail order. 

I am available to give workshops on low protein cooking 


Ener-G Foods,Inc.

P.O. Box 84487,





Low protein baking mixes, some baked products, Methylcellulose, Almond bark, Chocolate bark, Imitation Cheeses, Gelled Desserts, Vance's Dari free. Mail order ( Low Protein milk replacement). ( Price list available)


Dietary Specialties


Low protein baking mixes, some baked products, imitation rice (really good). Pricelist available.


Honeyville Grain Inc

P.O. Box # 698              

Rancho Cucamonga

CA  91730



1756 S. 4250 West

Salt Lake City, 

UT 84104



3750 W.7200 North

P.O. Box 100             Honeyville,UT84314               801-279-8197

Bulk Wheat Starch, Corn starch and other flours etc.( 50 pounds bags) Mail order. Very economical when bought in bulk. Price list available.

SHS Hospital Supplies Inc.

P.O.Box 117

Gaithersburg, MD 20884


Distributors of Loprofin low protein products like pasta, milk substitute etc.

Med Diet Inc.

3050 Ranchview Lane

Plymouth, MN 55447


Low protein baking mixes ( Kingsmill brand name)

Cambrooke Foods

Framingham, MA


Great low-protein products such as bread, Artisan rolls, Pasta dishes, Pirogie, cheeses....etc.


Medical food products are supplied through companies like SHS, Ross Laboratories, and also Mead Johnson, and Applied Nutrition corp whose addresses are given below.


Applied Nutrition Corp.

273 Franklin Road

Randolph, NJ 97869



Mead Johnson Nutritionals

2400 W. Lloyd Expressway

Evansville, IN 47721